Mixed Drinks

by Jax

Text Message from JOE (received 1:47am): so u think I am selfish? Samara Replies: Joe, I like u. I like that you make me laugh and that you are passionate and that you really don't dwell on what others think about you - it's very liberating to meet someone like that. But, in the last two encounters we have had you have taken upwards of a week or more to call or message and it seems like when you do that you are only after one thing. I can't knowingly enter a relationship with you if you have already proven to me that you are inconsistent, because later on when I get upset at you for being so inconsistent it'll be my fault for thinking you would ever change, and that would just make me feel like a fool. Text Message from JOE (received 1:58am): so� u still wanna meet up?

6S - C3

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