Mixed Drinks

by Daphne Ash

It started in Vegas as a night on the town with my girlfriends and ended up with me waking up in a hotel room, a bald headed, tattooed, grossly overweight man sitting next to me waving a marriage certificate in my face and grinning. Maybe it was the three Margaritas that I'd started with at Caesar's Palace, the sultry tones of Celine Dion humming through my brain like a slow moving locomotive that lulled me into a false sense of sobriety. But no, I moved on to Singapore Slings and then to Paralyzers and finally Scotch Malt Whiskey, a hint of lime and topped up with club soda. Too much? I'm a five foot two, mousy brown hair, gray eyed woman of forty seven who weighs two hundred and ninety three pounds. No, I think it was probably just enough!

6S - C3

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