Mixed Drinks

by Tharuna Niranjan

I was big into experimentation that year, my first brush with all things exciting, it was all new to me and why not - in all my ten years then, I hadn’t met anyone like her before. We called it science, all our ideas; we loved the experiments, we tried to best ourselves each time, never to outdo each other, mind you – we were in it together, we were tight. We were quite scientific, I must say: we carefully observed, diligently noted down our observations, patiently ran trials, quickly monitored results, and triumphantly declared SUCCESS; we never had failures, you see. In that spirit, she filled each test tube with utmost care and precise measurement, while I prepared the notes with utmost diligence: liquid type in the first column, quantity in the next, followed by time consumed; all twelve rows neatly filled. She gulped each drink down with much bravado - as observed from the contortions of her facial muscles - we then hopped onto the ultimate flight of fancy, tightened our safety harness, eager to study the effects of a thrilling rollercoaster ride on a ten year old human body containing mixed drinks. The expected results column had listed dizziness, nausea, vomiting, vision impairment, incoherence and sleep induction as possibilities; when the ride was over, I felt her limp body next to mine, she wasn’t moving; in all excitement, I had declared this experiment too a SUCCESS.

6S - C3

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