Mixed Drinks

by Adam J. Whitlatch

I start off slow, a couple beers, maybe a shot of Jack, but then my friends start shoving all kinds of concoctions in front of me; I’ve never had Canadian Pussy before tonight (the liquid kind, mind you). And although I’ve had my fair share of blowjobs, this is the first Blowjob I’ve ever gotten from a shot glass; wait... why are all the girls laughing at me? What do you mean “It’s a girls’ drink?" I down my third Washington Apple in one gulp as I watch the cute redhead on the dance floor in the apple bottom jeans; maybe later I can interest her in a little Sex On The Beach, but first a little more liquid courage, please, bartender. After a few more shots I finally staggered over and asked her for a dance, but when my friend came over and asked me if I wanted a Redheaded Slut, I pointed to my partner and (a little too loudly) said, “No thanks, already got one!” How the hell did I wind up on the floor and what do you mean what happened to my eye?

6S - C3

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