Mixed Drinks

by Deborah Katz

We serve Kool-Aid at the Sunday School socials, but peppermint schnapps makes a nice minty drink when they’re mixed. We serve decaffeinated cola products at the Teen Youth Dances, but Rum really enhances the flavor. At the Senior Adults' Dinner, iced water with lemon is the beverage of choice and can I just tell you how great Vodka kicks that up a notch? There’s this crazy little punch the women at Church serve at our midweek activity, which simply cries out for a mix of Amoretto liqueur. And don’t get me started on the “newest bestest diet pill" knocked back with Mountain Dew served in a covered cola cup when we meet for early morning scripture reading. I should probably have a strong, black coffee to sober up for these events, but I’m a Mormon and we don’t drink coffee.

6S - C3

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