Mixed Drinks

by Melody Gray

Saturday morning, and Dad is off to the Pop Shop to pick up our new selection of mixed drinks for the coming week. We all get a choice of what flavor we like, and it's a chorus sung out in unison as he heads for the door, Black Cherry being the favorite. I can still see the yellow crate that fits all those little stubby glass bottles; and what a treat those mixed drinks are for us kids. The taste of an icy cold Black Cherry drink being swigged back with the sounds of Rod Stewart or Fleetwood Mac in my ears, and the feel of the long orange shag carpet between my toes is a sensory over load to my twelve year old body. It is a simple pleasure for as long as it lasts, although it's not long enough because Black Cherry is always consumed the quickest, and then we are left with the green, pink, brown or orange drinks. But, Saturday morning will come once again bringing with it the anticipation of a Black Cherry drink; but I often wondered why Dad didn't buy all Black Cherry?

6S - C3

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