Mixed Drinks

by Tammi J. Truax

"Would you like to meet for a drink?" her potential internet date queried, and with great trepidation she agreed to go on her fast date in years. The long list of do's and don'ts, many times mentioned in her women's magazines, rattled in her brain as she made her way to the lively watering hole he had suggested. As she made her way through the big oak entry way, one last rule almost escaped her audibly, never leave your drink unattended. After meeting her date with a smile and a handshake, she sat down and waited for him to order first, then said "I'll have the same," and made a point of matching him sip for sip as they talked. She found getting him to turn his back briefly to be rather easy when she returned from the ladies room, took her seat, and switched her drink for his. "Relationships are built on trust, don't you think?" she asked him soon after, as the last of the ice in their cocktails melted.

6S - C3

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