Mixed Drinks

by E.Y. Kwee

You want to know a secret? I’ll tell you a secret. All my friends who’re so cool, who listen to Lucky Charmz and Lazarus X and think they’re cool, they listen to underground music that no one’s ever heard of and no one wants to hear of cause it sounds like a bunch of garbage, if we’re gonna be honest here - me, I pretend to like it, and I really do like some of it, but I also secretly like mainstream rock and reggae and techno and country and some classical and, god forbid, pop. So I sit in my room in the middle of the night, when it’s dark and the headphones over my ears shut out the world like it’s just me, and I listen to the music that I want and I mix it; I mix the pop with the punk and the rap with the country and the hip hop with the cellos and violins and if my headphones are the cups then my ears are the mouths cause they drink it in like a smooth smooth milkshake. You wanna know why I mix it? I mix it because it sounds better that way and maybe, someday, if I’m lucky, I’ll find that if I drink in enough of this mixed-up mania through my ears, it’ll reach down into my heart and fill up the spaces and pull it back together again cause man, I really need to get over myself.

6S - C3

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